..........slow down.......take a breath.......be in the moment.......hold your thoughts & feelings as gently as you would a baby bird.......let them go.......just be..........

Friday, March 30, 2018

Giving Ourselves a Soft Place to Land

Colorful Textile Mindfulness Reminder Necklace

Yesterday, I tried something new and different adding a some color.  As I created this necklace, these are a few thoughts that streamed through my mind:
  • What does it mean to offer ourselves a soft place to land?
  • What does it mean to accept all our thoughts and feelings--the good, the bad, the easy, the hard, the right, the wrong?
  • Do we even need to label them or judge them?
  • By giving our thoughts and feelings a soft place to land, will they never go away?
  • Is giving our thoughts and feelings a soft place to land in a way a metaphor for acceptance?
  • We don't cling to them or shoo them away.  We just let them be there.
I wrapped the metal rings with embroidery floss to make this necklace.  It is much more colorful.  I notice that when I give myself to the present moment, I notice things I would not notice otherwise.  Sometimes, what I notice more is color--the different greens in a leaf, the pink of a blooming gerber daisy, or the turquoise of an ocean bay.  Yes, all these are a soft place to land.

May you all find your own soft place to land.

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